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Learning FloorPlan® 2021: Training & Tutorials - Mac Version - By Patricia Gamburgo

FloorPlan® 2022: Training & Tutorials - Windows Version - by Patricia Gamburgo


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FloorPlan® 2022: Training & Tutorials - Windows Version - by Patricia Gamburgo

Product Info

Boost Your Knowledge and Skills

Order this flexible learning eBook written by Patricia Gamburgo, a professional architect and FloorPlan expert, to go with your FloorPlan software. This training is appropriate for FloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro, Deluxe and Instant Architect.

New Feature

checkmark iconA new eBook dedicated to the latest FloorPlan Software Version 2022 for Windows.

checkmark iconContains more than 540 pages and more than 1500 color images showing the new features, tutorials, screen guides, tables, examples, rendering results and screenshots as well as updates, covering all the new FloorPlan Software Version 22 for Windows. Topics and tools are linked on the screen using more than 2000 hyperlinks.

checkmark iconIntroducing Punchhelpers Buddy, a new helping resource

checkmark iconLearn the programs and all the new tools: new rendering techniques and 3D effects, lighting features, sheet layout, rails (decks and stairs), importing and exporting files, and more!

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Key Features


Learn all the techniques to create the best 3D rendered images using the new rendering engine.

Rendering Effects

See how to render and apply 3D effects creating amazing images with lights features and reflections.

Rails and Lights

Visualize and define interior and exterior lights combining effects with glass reflections.

Design Stairs and Rails

Discover how to create different types of rails for decks, stairs, mezzanines, etc.

Sheet Layout

Export and print your designs using the new Sheet Layout Mode Tool, including importing DWG and PDF files.

Tips and Tutorials

More than 100 step by step tips, guides and tutorials, including “How to Landscape a Picture”,“How to Create a Split-Level House”, “How to create a Walkout Basement”, and “How to Print plans and elevations”.

New Features

Punchhelpers Buddy

Introducing Punchhelpers Buddy, a new helping resource that allows you to ask questions while you are in the eBook! You can ask for the desired word(s), topic or concept: Punchhelpers Buddy is always ready to help you with the answer.

New Rails

Learn how to customize your interior or exterior handrails for decks and stairs.

New Lights and Effects

Use and combine the new light effects for different surfaces and view the images for day and night results.

Custom Frames

See the best options to create or import your personalized frames and print your designs.

Layout View

Identify all the available tools and options in the new Layout View Mode.

New Rendering Engine

Discover and combine all the rendering and light possibilities using the new rendering engine and effects.

FloorPlan Deluxe


  • 1-Click Room Additions
  • Automatic & Custom Roof Tools
  • 1000+ 3D Interior Design Furnishings & Materials
  • Over 4000 Plants for Landscape Design
  • Advanced Floor Management
  • Foundation & HVAC Planning Tools
  • Framing
  • Import Materials, Backgrounds &Plants
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