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Product Documentation

Along with many other software companies, IMSI Design is contributing to the green effort. User guide documentation for most products, including physical products, is delivered in electronic PDF format, also making topics easily searchable.

TurboCAD Windows

File Format Comparison

TurboCAD's extensive file interoperability makes it a great companion product. The TurboCAD Windows File Format Comparison shows import (open) and export (save) options by product level (Designer, Deluxe, Expert, and Pro Platinum).

Reference Manual
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TurboCAD Windows User Forum
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TurboCAD Mac

Reference Manual

The TurboCAD Mac user guide is available in PDF format, and comes included with the software.

TurboCAD Mac User Forum
Video Tutorials
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Reference Manual

A complete reference manual is delivered with DesignCAD versions 21-2016 on PDF, so it’s easily searchable. To access the Version 23 or 22 Reference Manual, click on the Windows Start Menu, select All Programs, then open the DesignCAD 3D Max 23 or 22 folder, and select DesignCAD 3D Max 23 or 22 Reference Manual (or DesignCAD 23 or 22 → DesignCAD 23 or 22 Reference Manual for the 2D version). For version 21, use Windows Explorer to browse to the folder where DesignCAD is installed, and look for dcad21.pdf. You may download documentation for older versions of DesignCAD from the links below:

DesignCAD User Forum
Data Sheets


Reference Manual

FloorPlan comes with a User’s Manual in PDF format. This can be accessed by pressing ‘F1’ within the application.

FloorPlan User Forum
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