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DesignCAD™ 2020

IMSI Design Releases New DesignCAD™ 2020

NOVATO, Calif., May 11, 2020 – IMSI® Design, the developer of TurboCAD®, #1 best-selling CAD in retail, today announced its latest upgrade to its DesignCAD™ family of products.

"The DesignCAD™ 2020 release continues our commitment to offering outstanding 2D drafting, 3D printing and manufacturing, and interoperability with the most popular CAD and graphics software,” stated Bob Mayer, President of IMSI Design. “These enhancements solidify DesignCAD’s position as the leading consumer line of CAD products,” added Mayer.

To view videos showcasing the product’s new and enhanced features, click here. 

DesignCAD™ 3D MAX 2020’s new and improved features include:

  • 3D Print Check Tool – The Print Check tool has been expanded to repair anomalies found in models to be used in 3D printing.  The repair functionality corrects common 3D mesh issues such as: non- manifold edges duplicated and collapsed facets, open edges, shells, Normal orientation, and more
  • PDF Underlay Import - PDF compatibility has been further expanded to now include the use of vector PDFs as a tracing layer.  2D PDFs of things like blueprints or maps can now be easily converted into a CAD file. 
  • Best Fit Circle and Line – The new Best Fit Circle and Line tools allow the user to draw a circle which is best-fitted through 3 or more defined points, or a line through 2 or more points. Points can be extracted from a specified location or a specific object.
  • Line Distance Tool – A new tool now allows the user to easily calculate the distance between any two lines.
  • Expanded File Format Support - DesignCAD™ 2020 now supports import and export of SketchUp 2020 files, as well as import of Adobe Illustrator® (AI) files.  Illustrator files can be directly imported or used as an underlay.
  • AutoCAD 2020 Import/Export Support - DesignCAD™ 2020 is able to both import and export DWG and DXF files from AutoCAD 2020. 

Availability and Pricing

DesignCAD™ 3D Max 2020 has an SRP of  $149.99, DesignCAD 2D has an SRP of $59.99. Both are now available from the IMSI Design company websites – www.TurboCAD.com. and www.IMSIDesign.com    Upgrades are available to owners of DesignCAD™ 3D Max versions for as little as $69.99.

For more information, please visit www.TurboCAD.com  or www.IMSIDesign.com or call 1.800.833.8082 (+1.415.483.8000). 

About IMSI Design

IMSI Design is a pioneer in mobile solutions for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industry and the global leader in retail CAD (Computer-Aided Design). With over 16 million products distributed since 1988, IMSI Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, DesignCAD™,  TurboFloorPlan™, and TurboSite® families of precision design applications for mobile and desktop.


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About IMSI Design

IMSI Design is a maker of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and home design software for Windows and Mac, as well as mobile solutions for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industry.