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  • With the release of TurboCAD 2017, users will find a more seamless workflow between office design and editing, and field work documentation. Office staff can now take TurboCAD drawing sand upload them to an iOS mobile device, where the files can then be used with IMSI Design’s field documentation app, TurboSite, in order to capture project and site information. Perfect for building construction, site design, job site inspections, construction administration, as-built verification, or practically any other AEC-related fieldwork project.

    The captured information can then be round-tripped back into TurboCAD 2017 through the program’s new ability to read TurboSite’s native TAP files. Export the TAP file back to the office via email or upload to DropBox, Box or any WebDAV-enabled cloud site.

    Back in the office, you can open up the TAP file in the new GeoMarks Palette. The Tap file will contain all mark-ups and GeoMarks, which include all captured media such as photos, videos and notes taken onsite.

    Noted changes from the field visit that need to be made to the original file can then easily be made in TurboCAD.

    To see a real-world example of workflow integration with TurboCAD and TurboSite, watch this video:

    Working with TurboCAD and TurboSite together allows you to drive project efficiency across more of the project lifecycle, streamlining workflow processes and increasing productivity.

  • TurboCAD 2020

    NOVATO, Calif., April 21, 2020 – IMSI®Design, the developer of TurboCAD®, #1 best-selling CAD in retail, today announced its latest upgrade to its TurboCAD® family of products..

  • IMSI Design Releases DesignCAD 2021

    NOVATO, Calif., June 25, 2021 – IMSI® Design, the developer of TurboCAD, #1 best-selling CAD in retail, today announced its latest upgrade to its DesignCAD family of products.

    “We've put a lot of emphasis on usability, performance  and overall modernization of DesignCAD  with the 2021 release,” stated Bob Mayer, President of IMSI Design. “Both our existing customers, as well as prospective new users will appreciate these enhancements that continue to make DesignCAD the easiest to learn CAD title” added Mayer.

    DesignCAD 3D MAX 2021’s new and improved features include: 

    • Ribbon – A new Ribbon User Interface has been added to DesignCAD 2021. Users can now switch between Classic and Ribbon UIs. 
    • Improved Icons (Vector) – Improved Icons (Vector) have been added to DesignCAD 2021. 
    • 4K Support – 4K screen support has been added to DesignCAD 2021 for more legible viewing with high resolution display settings. 
    • Ellipse by Diagonal – An “Ellipse by Diagonals” tool has been added to the Circles section. Now an ellipse can be drawn using its two diagonal points. The first point is the starting diagonal point of the ellipse and the second point is the ending diagonal point.
    • Circumscribed Polygon- A “Circumscribed Polygon” tool has been added to the Planes section. Now, the user can draw the polygon by using the first point as a center point and the second point as the center of one of the edges of the polygon.
    • Diagonal Slot Polygon -  A “Slot Polygon” has been added to the Planes section. Now the user can draw a slot shaped polygon by using the first point as the first diagonal point and the second point as its second diagonal point.  
    • Rubber-banding Improved Significantly -In the previous versions of DesignCAD the ability to draw in OpenGL shaded mode was nearly impossible for most users on normal hardware. Setting points for an object using the mouse, resulted in a very slow redraw of the rubber band line segment by segment, making mouse cursor movement almost impossible after just a few points. This issue has been resolved in DesignCAD 2021, and rubber-banding in OpenGL mode has significantly improved.
    • Redraw of Meshes Performance Improvement - Redraw of Meshes has been significantly improved in DesignCAD 2021.
    • Import/Export Adobe Illustrator - An Adobe Illustrator Export Filter has been added to DesignCAD 2021. Previous versions of DesignCAD had Adobe Illustrator as an import filter only.
    • Faster Import of STL Files - Import of STL files has significantly improved up to 10x.

     Availability and Pricing

    DesignCAD 3D Max 2021 has an SRP of $199.99, DesignCAD 2D has an SRP of 59.99. Both are now available from the IMSIDesign company websites – www.TurboCAD.com. and www.IMSIDesign.com    Upgrades are available to owners of DesignCAD 3D Max versions for as little as $79.99.

    For more information, please visit www.TurboCAD.com  or www.IMSIDesign.com or call 1.800.833.8082 (+1.415.483.8000). 

    About IMSI Design

    IMSI Design is a pioneer in mobile solutions for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industry and the global leader in retail CAD (Computer-Aided Design). With over 16 million products distributed since 1988, IMSI Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, DesignCAD™,  TurboFloorPlan™, and TurboSite® families of precision design applications for mobile and desktop.


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