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TurboCAD 2021 New Feature Comparison

Get a quick overview of TurboCAD 2021 New & Improved Features

  Platinum Professional Deluxe Designer
Price $149999 $99999 $22999 $6999
Performance, User Interface and Usability
Customize Ribbon Interface - 'Find' control      
Automatic updating of Xrefs  
Interactive Startup Splash Screen  
Snaps - highlighting hit graphic.  
Block palette - resize block previews  
Mouse wheel support within the Blocks Palette
Find position of a Command in the UI
Block palette - find Block by Name
Leader dimensions for DWG files
Viewport hidden line performance using Cache  
Load/Unload Xrefs  
Direct Editing of Blocks in Drawing    
Select By Block Command      
Patterns with Solids      
3D Solid and Surface mapping tools nbsp; nbsp;  
Imprint using Block insertions      
3D Rendering      
Multi-threaded faceting for rendering      
Visualize Hidden Line Render Mode  
Visualize Rendering and Lighting  
Visualize Import Lightworks and RedSDK materials  
Visualize Anti-Aliasing  
Visualize Ambient Occlusion  
Visualize Lighting  
Visualize Support images with alpha transparency  
Architecture Tools
Railing by Path with 2D Arc      
Architectural Grid ✔/td>
Interoperability/Data Sharing
Progress meter for Interop Filters      
Updating to ODA 21.5 for updated DWG support  
Part Names from Interop      
Export VDA file format      
Export CATIA file format      
Publish to PDF  
STL Import Performance Boost  
SKP filter -updated support for SKP 2021  
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