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TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro v17
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TurboFloorPlan Pro v17



QuickPalletTM one click custom color and material groups

Decorate an entire room in one mouse click. Create “colorboards” of your favorite paint colors, wood floors, carpet, wall coverings and apply them instantaneously to any room. Try different combinations before you commit. Easily replicate your favorites in other rooms.

FAST Decorating with SmartWand™

Want to see how one individual color or material can change your whole look? See how individual color or material affect SmartWand™ technology adds paint or other material applications to a specific wall, room, or your entire house, on the fly, with one mouse click!

Brand name product libraries

Thousands of possibilities! Faux finishes, interior and exterior paint, wood floors, solid surfaces, blinds, stone, and much more. Nationally-recognized decorating materials you can try before you buy.

Material Importer™

Photograph any material and save it as a custom texture that can be added to your design. Perfect for matching exterior materials to get the perfect visualization of real world objects with your virtual design.

Furniture Showcase

Add predesigned furniture groups with simple drag & drop. Easily arrange or edit your selections to suit your design. Traffic patterns and furniture placement decisions are easy using top down views of your design.

Object Libraries

Fixtures, lighting, ceiling fans, sinks, and more for every room in your home.

3D Custom Workshop™

Build virtually any object or modify existing objects from the library. Use photo-realistic materials including wood, fabric, paint colors, stone, brick, and more.

Accessorize your design

Add polish to your design with stylish blinds, drapes, or shutters. The Accessories Tool offers a complete library of options, all selections are customizable. Accessories attach to windows as smart objects so your window and associated accessory are easily repositionable as one component.

Precision Lighting Planner™

Add functionality and drama to your design. Precision controls for ambient light, shadows, falloff, radius, sunlight, and more work with exterior and interior designs.

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