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TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Deluxe v17
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TurboFloorPlan Deluxe v17

Home Design

Create Blueprints with Layers

  • Plan all phases of your home design or remodel including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.
  • Foundation Plan – Specialized tools for slabs with support beams, foundation peers, and more.
  • Electrical Plan – Comprehensive indoor/outdoor library
  • Plumbing Plan – Extensive library of fixtures including “Smart” objects that attach to walls for easy editing.
  • Heating/Ventilating/Cooling – Design the ultimate system for comfort and maximum efficiency.

AutoFraming™ with Framing Editor™

Select standard or custom stud spacing in size, including decks. Select metal, wood or custom framing options, including custom roofs, walls and floor joists. Insulate with one mouse click. Support columns include steel, wood or custom material. Integrates seamlessly with Estimator.


The powerful cost estimator produces a handy report in an editable, printable spreadsheet format, tabulating as you draw! Estimate costs for individual rooms, landscape, or your entire house.

Build Green!

Save energy and money with integrated “Building Green” design tips. Click the Build Green button and the integrated tips provide eco-friendly advice for specific items in your design. Design with included “green” objects and materials such as recycled glass counters, bamboo cabinets and flooring, and much more.

Custom Roofing

Draw your own! Standard or complex, preset roof tools make any roof style easy to create!

More tools for easy designing

Drag the ProjecTape™ precision tool anywhere in your drawing for real-time measuring, indoors or out. Save time with MyStyle creating default colors and material choices before you begin designing. Use RoomView™ for wide angle 3D viewing making it easier to see inside small spaces.


RealModel takes your home design and automatically creates template components to build a 3D model! Choose a scale, printout, affixed to form board and assembled the numbered sections.

Background Importer™

Import photos of skies or other backgrounds for a real-world effect you can view inside or out.

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