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Message to owners of TurboFloorPlan

TurboFloorPlan v17 represents a shift in the underlying software code so that IMSI/Design may continue to provide our customers easy to use home and landscape design on the latest Windows operating systems at an affordable price.

Nearly all of the tools and features previously available in TurboFloorPlan version 16 can still be found in new TurboFloorPlan 17. Plus, this latest release offers the following advantages:

  • Video Tutorials – TurboFloorPlan v17 includes hundreds of video tutorials, while TurboFloorPlan v12-v16 included none
  • Templates – TurboFloorPlan v17 includes House, Deck, Furniture Group, Landscaping , and Handicapped Access Templates
  • File Import – TurboFloorPlan v17 can import DXF and DWG files, while TurboFloorPlan v16 does only supports DWG import

Owners of TurboFloorPlan versions 12 – 16 will notice a difference in the interface; however, we think you’ll find it more intuitive and easier to use. Also, some conversion of your version 12-16 files will be required, and some details may be lost, when importing them into v17. For best results, export your TurboFloorPlan v12-16 file as a DXF model (File menu/Export/3D Model) then import the DXF file into TurboFloorPlan v17.

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