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New Features

What’s New

Renditioner v2 owners will enjoy a host of new feature and bug fixes when they upgrade to Renditioner v3, including the following:

New Content

Create custom archives for grouping and sharing your materials, backgrounds, model cameras and snapshots. A new artisan website lets you download bonus materials, finishes and backgrounds, plus get help from the searchable knowledge base.

New Image Control and Rendering

Glossy optimization speeds rendering of scenes that contain glossy materials. New material definitions make complex, time consuming calculations of glossy materials “simple” to give virtually the same result in far less time.

New UI and Performance

New Renditioner Pro v3 for Windows offers increased performance of real time rendering. We’ve also improved memory management for models with repeated textures. Plus, the UI is now available in 6 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese Simplified.

Attention IDX Renditioner & TurboSketch Owners

If you’re looking to move up to Renditioner v3 from either TurboSketch or IDX Renditioner (essential version 1 of Renditioner), you’ll enjoy faster rendering, better content libraries, and far greater control over lighting, views, and applied attributes. View the comparison chart for details.

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