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Renditioner v3


Create more realistic renderings when you apply materials, finishes and bump maps to your model surfaces. A complete library is included with Renditioner v3 in these categories:
  • Basic Materials (16)
  • Interior & Exterior Architectural Materials(63)
  • Glass and Ceramic Materials - 17
  • Plastic Materials (21) & Finishes(16)
  • Paint Materials (12) & Finishes (7)
  • Metal Materials (27) & Finishes (18)
  • Shiny (11) and Matte (3) Finishes
  • Interior Finishes (9)
  • Transparent Finishes (8)
  • 2D and 3D Bumps (53)
You can also access additional content through the New LightWorks’ Artisan Website, available through a single click from the Renditioner menu bar. Once on the ArtBeu site, you can download bonus materials, finishes and backgrounds, plus get help from the searchable knowledge base.

Predefined and Custom Backgrounds

Create your own custom backgrounds for placing your rendered scene or image or choose from our library of predefined backgrounds including:
  • Abstract backgrounds (10)
  • Small, Medium, or Large 2D objects backgrounds (15)
  • 3D backgrounds (6)


Take SnapShots of your Render Configurations

SnapShots are used to store all data needed to replay your scene. SnapShots contain the materials, background, lighting and camera information that were active at the time of creating the SnapShot. You can also update a previously created Snapshot with components of the current setup, or use individual components of a SnapShot to apply to the current setup. Renditioner allows you to create up to 5 SnapShots per image. For unlimited SnapShots, see Renditioner Pro.

SnapShot Tab

The SnapShot tab provides tools to set different aspects of quality for the current render and for the SnapShots that you have defined. This allows users to trade off image quality against render speed for different operations.

Show Photorealistic or Real-time Image of SnapShots

Right click on a SnapShot to bring up a full size version of a photorealistic or a real-time (un-rendered) image associated with that SnapShot into the Image Window. When a SnapShot is saved, it doesn’t have a photorealistic image associated with it, unless you have selected ‘Attached Last Render’ from this menu, taking the current photorealistic image, or rendered the SnapShot via the ‘Render All SnapShots’ or ‘Render This SnapShot’ functions.

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