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Cameras & Lighting

HDR-based lighting

HDR, or High Dynamic Range based lighting, allows for better control of the lighting of an image or scene, by preserving image details that may be lost due to limiting contrast ratios. The end result is more realistic-looking renders. With HDR, bright objects can be made even brighter, dark objects even darker, and image details can be preserved in both.

Predefined, weather-based lighting schemes

New Renditioner Pro takes lighting further with extensive lighting controls. Choose from menus of predefined, weather-based lighting schemes including Preview Lighting, Fast Lighting, Interior Lighting, and Exterior Lighting.

Lighting Controls

Twist control is available as an HDR-based lighting adjustment to rotate 3D backgrounds and associated reflections. Drop scenery effects—sky shadow, lights shadow, and reflection—include controls for shadow quality, contrast, brightness and blur. Users can adjust the intensity of artificial and ambient light, and daylight can also be adjusted for the Sun Altitude and Azimuth.

Standard Views

Once imported into Renditioner Pro, a model can be changed automatically to Top, Bottom, Right, Left, Front and Back views

Real World Cameras

Set the view angle of the render the way you want, by simply dragging and dropping camera lenses, listed by focal length, onto your drawing. Even adjust the X, Y, or Z up vector to view your model or scene from the exact position you want.

Predefined and Custom Aspect Ratios

Choose from predefined aspect rations or define your own and save for future use.

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