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Renditioner Pro v3

Image Control & Rendering

Multiple output formats

Save your rendered images in .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .BMP, and .TGA file fomats


Simple, turntable animation is included with Renditioner Pro allowing you to view a rotating animation of your model on its X-axis.

Drag, Orbit, Look Around, Track In, and Walk Tools

Enjoy greater control viewing and orienting the model with these tools.

New Glossy Optimization

Glossy optimization speeds rendering of scenes that contain glossy materials. New material definitions make complex, time consuming calculations of glossy materials “simple” to give virtually the same result in far less time.

Material Blurring

Produce higher material quality for more photorealistic renders. An example of material blurring is when you look at a table top, reflections are not sharp, but have a softness or ‘fuzziness’ to them. Blurred materials will have this fuzziness. Certain finishes in v2 will respond to the material quality setting, low, medium, high. Increasing the material quality, can increase render time, but will give an overall nicer effect.

Progressive Rendering

With Progressive Rendering, the user will see a blocky, low quality view of the scene while the rendering calculations are being performed. This will gradually improve as the render completes. This early feedback about how the scene looks is a useful, more efficient way of rendering because a user can cancel the render if they notice conditions that are not as they want.

Sub-image rendering

Define a portion of an image to render, instead of being required to render the entire image. It’s more efficient and faster way of rendering of just the area of the image you want.

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