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Key Features

Top-Down and Loose Layout planning

TurboProject Professional takes into account that you may not have all of the information you need up front-- and lets you lay out your project anyway. Now that's real power! This incredible software "thinks" the way you do, letting you create detailed plans that reflect real-world projects. Its unique Top-Down planning methodology lets you start with what you know, while the Loose Layout capability allows you to organize activities and events independent of one another for a realistic project plan. Then, TurboProject's practical design background structure lets you fill in the details later, giving you maximum flexibility.

Support For Microsoft Project® Database Format .MPD

TurboProject Professional offers unrivalled compatibility for sharing project information with users of Microsoft Project 98. Many users and surprisingly many vendors are not aware that Microsoft no longer offers file compatibility using the .MPX format.

However, with TurboProject Professional, all Microsoft Project information can be viewed directly when the file is saved using the Project database format .MPD. This Microsoft Project compatibility is a tremendous benefit to an organization and its users (project managers, vendors, customers, etc.) so users can choose which product they would prefer to use, and know that their work is compatible in either TurboProject or Microsoft Project. Saving information into TurboProject from Microsoft Project is easy, and when a user wants to hand a project file back to a Microsoft Project user, they simply save it in the .MPD format and email it.

Publish To The Web

With TurboProject Professional, any table can be instantly published to the Web in HTML format by simply choosing from one of a number of preformatted templates. You can even publish tabular reports, export them in HTML, and then view them in a browser. For example, a weekly to-do list could be exported as an HTML file and sent directly to team members assigned to the project. This would enable a larger organization to publish tabular reports on a corporate Intranet.

Resource Usage Spreadsheet View

The Resource Usage View is an excellent tool for resolving overallocation problems. This feature summarizes, by resource, all activities to which the resource is assigned on a given project. When an activity is selected in the Gantt or table pane, the spreadsheet pane will refresh to display a list of the resources assigned to that activity, as well as details for each activity to which the resources have been assigned. This allows users to review the allocation of a resource to see if they are overallocated or underallocated. Values displayed in the spreadsheet pane can be selected from a list of 51 curves, offering the user a multitude of ways to display resource and expense information. In comparison, Microsoft Project 98 and 2000 offer only offer 24 curves. This means that TurboProject Professional v4 provides the user with more tailored information suited to their individual needs. To make management and selection of these curves easy, curve templates can be defined and selected from a dropdown list in the Property Templates toolbar. This flexible and intuitive feature will save users a lot of time, more so than any other product in this segment of the market.

Activity Usage Spreadsheet View

This view shows a list of all resources assigned to any activity chosen in the Gantt table pane of the view. In the above example, the timescale has been adjusted to days, and the daily assignment values for each resource assigned to this activity are displayed. The daily values can be modified to create a profile allowing a resource's work to be distributed in a way that reflects the manner in which the resources will carry out the work. For example, the resource "Labor" might need to work for a longer period than the standard working day for the first two days of the activity. Because the spreadsheet is interactive, the user can enter the value for the "Original Resource" hours directly into the spreadsheet pane. Plus, you'll have the ability to instantly change the scale of display of data in the spreadsheet pane from Days to Weeks, Months, Quarters or Years by clicking on the scale buttons above the spreadsheet grid.

Hierarchical Resource Structure

View Resources By Hierarchy -- This is a unique feature that allows for the creation of resource hierarchy in which project resources can be grouped relative to such criteria as Department, Category, Skill and Job Description. The hierarchy is created in much the same way as you would create subprojects to summarize a project phase. The hierarchy can be collapsed and expanded or displayed as a standard resource list without the hierarchy. A major benefit of this feature is the ability for a manager to assign a resource type to an activity, and then, later, when the individual who will do the work is available, switch the assignment to a specific individual who has the corresponding skill for the work. This is a very helpful feature, as quite often when assigning resources to projects it is not possible to determine which individual will ultimately do the work, especially if the work is being planned for several months in the future. This Hierarchical resource feature is not normally found in desktop Project Management products, including Microsoft Project 2000.

Automatic Overallocation Warning

Another helpful new resource scheduling feature in TurboProject Professional v4 is an automatic warning. This is sent to the manager when he or she attempts to allocate a resource that, if allocated, would result in an overallocation. This feature is enabled by default, but can be turned off if the overallocation warning is not required.

Effort-Driven Activities

You can use the new Effort-Driven activity scheduling feature when you want to make an activity effort driven or resource driven. If you want the same duration to be scheduled regardless of the number of resources assigned to the task, select "No" in the Effort Driven field. If you want the duration to be dependent on the availability and effort of the assigned resources, choose "Yes" in this field.

Split and Recurring Activities

You now have more power than before with regard to these types of activities. With TurboProject Professional v4, you can divide an activity that must occur in segments and you can schedule activities that happen on a recurring basis (such as that Monday morning weekly meeting).

Additional Features In TurboProject Professional v4

  • Presentation-Quality Output And Ability To Define Views, Shapes And Formats Of All You See With Property Templates
  • Information Column 
  • Select Headers/Footers In Print Preview
  • Export Directly To Microsoft Excel 
  • Import/Export Enhancements
  • Copy Picture (Insert In Word/Excel/Powerpoint) 
  • Display Of Connections When Subprojects Are Collapsed
  • Filtering To Allow Subprojects To Be Hidden 
  • Autofit To Size Columns In Tables

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