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DesignCAD Training CD
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DesignCAD Training CD

DesignCAD Training CD is an audio-visual tutorial with over 4 ½ hours of instruction to help you get the most out of DesignCAD. Learn 2D drawing and editing in DesignCAD, plus overall familiarization of the user interface.

Training For DesignCAD

Instruction is presented in a holistic manner, rather than a simple progression through the user manual. It concentrates on essential tools and tips to get work done fast, practicing drawing skills by examining real-world scenarios, and projects that tie disparate drawing concepts together.

11 Chapters included:

  • Introduction
  • Layers
  • Scale and Units
  • Zooming and Views
  • Cursor and Modes
  • User Interface
  • Symbols and Blocks
  • Small Scale Editing
  • Large Scale Editing
  • Dimensioning
  • Presenting the Drawing

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