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DesignCAD v23
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New Features

New AutoCAD 2013 and 2014 file support

New DesignCAD v23 keeps you up to date working with the latest AutoCAD® file formats. Now users can import and export .DWG and .DXF file formats with the new AutoCAD 2013 file filter. This filter also supports files from AutoCAD 2014.

New Centered Mouse-wheel Zoom

Instead of zooming about the center of the drawing, now zoom centers on the cursor position and zooms in or out centered on that position.

Improved Layer Options

The Layer Options dialog box was redesigned in DesignCAD v22 to maximize the amount of layer information displayed. You can resize the dialog box to show more layers and longer layer names, columns can be hidden, resized, or rearranged, and new capabilities were added to Show Marked Layers, Hide Marked Layers, Lock Marked Layers, Unlock Marked Layers, Clear Marked Layer Colors, Clear Marked Layer Line styles, and Clear All Layer names.

New DesignCAD v23 offers further enhancements including the new ability to select the color of text on highlighted layers, instead of defaulting to black or white. It’s also now easier to toggle on layers. Users now only need to click once on a layer's light bulb or lock icon to toggle its visible or editable status.

Improved Stretch Command

A new option to “enable multi-layer editing” offers greater control when using the stretch command. Previously stretch worked on the entire drawing, but now users can limit the command to only affect the current layer.

Improved Mitering

Now the edge of a piece of material that has been beveled preparatory to making a miter joint (closure joint) is more accurately displayed, even when viewed up close at a high zoom factor.

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