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Reviews & Testimonials

"To avoid retouching your vector result too much, you should take care of the following steps: use Linear or Non Linear Edge Detection to trace the boundaries of the objects, Threshold to convert them into black lines on a white background and Trace Outline to thin those outlines. In the end, as I said before, use the Vector tools to enhance the result.”

"Before the end, just few words about the file formats supported. Raster images that can be opened range from BMP and GIF to RAS format. You can save your vector work in four file formats: DXF, XYZ, DC2 and WMF.”

"I needed to use tools like this before, and I found some really good ones, but MagicTracer is the best featured one of all. It comes with a nice and well organized interface, great functionality and a good price. If you need it, get it now!”

Nistor C. Codrut, Software Reviews Editor

"MagicTracer is low-cost, yet has both vector and raster tools. MagicTracer contains an assortment of raster and vector editing tools as well as more than 100 customizable functions. Raster tools include freehand, polygon, box, circle, and magic wand; pseudo colors; change color depth (1, 4, 8, 24 bits); and box, line, ellipse, and sketch drawing tools.”

"Vector editing tools include box, line, ellipse, arc, curve, and sketch drawing tools; and lines to hatch, curve to line and back again. A complement of raster processing, vector conversion, and DXF “save as” options are provided.”

DE Editors
Desktop Engineering Magazine

"Why would you look at a vector-tracing program when you already have Illustrator CS2, which includes Live Trace? For most graphic artwork, Illustrator is a better option, but if you don't happen to have the CS2 version or work heavily with CAD-type art, then you might want to take a look at the MagicTracer 2 program.”

"A free demo version is available that works 20 times, so if you need to convert line art for use with CAD programs, check the program out. It's pretty hard to go wrong for the $59.95 price.”

David Creamer, Contributing Writer
Layers Magazine

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