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Key Features

GrafiCalc enables users to associate geometry, dimensions, and calculations in a single worksheet to capture the functional intents of the design challenge. Then input or desired results can be stated to ask and receive interactive design decision-support information and optimal solution.

Geometry Behavior Editor - 2D parametric sketcher designed for function modeling with inference and conclusion capabilities. Comparable to sketchers found in any modern CAD application.

Automated Graphical Calculations - Eighty-eight (88) calculations built-in functions deliver automated answers simply by clicking on entities in the worksheet. GrafiCalc virtually eliminates tedious mathematical calculations and equation solving from the product design process.

Associative measurements
- Linear, Radial, and Angular dimensions can be constrained to measure any aspect of the function model. Dimension values can be embedded in interactive calculations. In many situations this feature eliminates tedious trigonometrical calculations.

Goalseek - 2D behavioral modeling capability allows you to backsolve design challenges that benefit from optimization against any shape, position, or fit related design criteria.

Motion Simulation - Value generators can be setup to drive any freedom of any geometry through a desired range to simulate any imaginable mechanism and machinery design. If and Else functions are available for event-driven simulation.

Trace function - Creates motion paths and envelops for space and interference analysis.

Transient data collection facility to collect data in dimension and calculation cells in a table format in the clipboard that can be pasted into Excel for analysis.

Geometry-associative programmable calculators for defining sub-routines with bi-directional links to geometry, dimensions, and calculations in the worksheet. Calculators can be linked to create powerful problem solving platforms. Validated calculation libraries can be saved for reuse.

Tolerance Analysis - simulate effects in the function model caused by manufacturing variance. Instantaneous results from Monte Carlo statistical tolerance analysis enable you to allocate optimal tolerances. Results can be exported to Excel. Allows intelligent mediation between quality requirements and manufacturing capability.

Text tool with customizable fonts and styles for annotating the Function Model in the worksheet.

2 way Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) with Excel

Import and Export DXF files from/to any popular CAD application.

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