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Key Benefits

Automate Engineering Calculations

With GrafiCalc you can focus on innovation rather than solving lengthy equations and performing tedious mathematical calculations. The seamless fusion of sketching, automated calculations, motion simulation, data collection, tolerance analysis, and backsolving capabilities in GrafiCalc delivers a powerful connected environment that helps you to solve design challenges while evaluating engineering options in real time.

Explore More Design Options

It is generally accepted that decisions made in the early stages of design have the maximum impact on the final performance and cost of any product. With GrafiCalc you can explore more design alternatives, optimize performance, and ensure producibility much earlier in the design cycle when conflicts are the easiest to detect and the least expensive to fix.

Mediate Between Design and Manufacturing

GrafiCalc acts as a bridge between design performance requirements and manufacturing capabilities in the early stages of product development. GrafiCalc

tolerance analysis tools are behind an interface that is designed for use by an engineer rather than a statistics expert.

Use Existing Geometry

GrafiCalc is self-contained application that can be used standalone as well as in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications. You can

import existing geometry from any CAD application into GrafiCalc as well as save geometry in GrafiCalc and read it back in any CAD application.

Leverage Existing Tools

Using just a few mouse clicks you can establish bi-directional DDE (dynamic data exchange) link between GrafiCalc and Excel. This enables you to create graphical calculation macros in GrafiCalc to feed your Excel calculations. Conversely, you can use your Excel calculations and expertise to drive GrafiCalc solution models. You can use Word and Outlook to generate design reports and e-mails that include geometry and engineering information from GrafiCalc.

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