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GPS2CAD is GPS software that gives design professionals major cost savings in data collection by using recreational-grad GPS units to collect field information and plot it in TurboCAD, DoubleCAD, and AutoCAD.
Most recreational GPS units are well-suited for site layout and “topo-plotting” requirements that do not need great accuracy, and GPS2CAD bridges the gap between these GPS units and CAD. GPS2CAD lets you easily bring your GPS points into your CAD environment. At the click of a button you can plot polylines, points, and blocks that show your GPS points. The points can be plotted in 3D for use in terrain modeling, and the blocks carry attributes showing all the point data.

Here’s just a few of the features:

  • Plots the waypoints in TurboCAD, DoubleCAD, and AutoCAD
  • Runs in Windows 7, 64 bit environment
  • On-line help that always provides the latest information
  • Works with most Garmin GPS units
  • Works with newer GPS units that work as mass storage devices
  • Works with .gpx file formats, the GIS industry standard.

Provides Datum Translation

GPS2CAD translates the GPS points into more than hundreds of worldwide coordinate systems, including the extremely popular NAD 27, NAD 83, and the State Plane Coordinate systems (used in the United States).


This important feature allows you to import geographic bitmap images from popular mapping programs such as Google Earth. The image can be scaled and then sent into your CAD program, so you can plot your GPS points and draft over it.

Compatible with Windows 7

GPS2CAD has been completely upgraded to work with Windows 7, 64 bit platforms, which host most of today’s CAD programs. In addition, it works with the latest versions of AutoCAD, TurboCAD, and DoubleCAD.

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