CAD Companion Products

BobCAD-CAM V25 3 Axis Mill Standard

A CAD/CAM software with easy to use machining wizards.
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Drawing Compare v2

A powerful utility that quickly identifies and displays differences between two CAD drawings.
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pdf2cad for PC

Converts engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DXF files.

pdf2cad for Mac

pdf2cad™ converts engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DXF files.
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WinZip 18.5 Pro

WinZip® Pro is a new version of the world's #1 compression software

WinZip Mac 3

Zip and unzip files instantly using simple, drag-and-drop tools on your Mac
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pdf2picture™ transforms vector PDF files into accurate, editable vector drawings and high-fidelity image formats.
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Turbo View and Convert

Turbo View and Convert is an advanced file viewing and conversion utility for Windows that can open over 240 file types,


Over 700 studio-style High Dynamic-Range Images designed to produce professional renderings.
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SectionCalc 4.0

Automated geometrical calculation technology that allows users to receive instantaneous section property information in less time.
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TurboProject Professional v4

The most comprehensive project management software tools on the market.
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TurboProject v4

TurboProject is for anyone who spends time scheduling work, cutting scheduling time in half!
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MagicTracer is a raster to vector converter .
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Lets you easily bring your GPS points into your CAD environment.

ClipArt&More 3.5 Million

ClipArt&More 3.5 Million is a gigantic collection of top-quality images.
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TurboCALC is groundbreaking software that enables you to simulate and solve a wide range of complex design and engineering challenges
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GrafiCalc Quickly conceptualize, analyze, and solve engineering design challenges

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