March 23, 2011 - Press Release


NOVATO, Calif., March 23, 2011 – IMSI®/Design
, the developer of the #1 best-selling CAD in retail, announced today the release of TurboCAD Deluxe 18.

“TurboCAD Deluxe continues to be the leader in CAD for home and small business professionals,” stated Bob Mayer, COO of IMSI/Design. “We’re particularly proud that no other CAD product can match TurboCAD Deluxe’s price performance and value.”

New and enhanced features include:

More Productive Architectural Tools

  • House Wizard automates the preliminary room-by-room design of an entire house and generates a floor plan.
  • Dynamic Dimensions for Doors and Windows. Now dynamic dimensions display when doors and windows are inserted, showing the distance to and from the wall ends for easier, precise placement.

Smarter, Faster Drafting & Detailing

  • Ray Tool creates rays on the construction line layer to more clearly define your projection line guidelines. Construction lines are also now editable and can be converted in rays.
  • Copy In Place Tool works on all 2D and 3D objects.
  • Enhanced Layers. Includes improved layers dialog. Plus, improved ability to turn on/off layers per viewport. 
  • Window or Crossing Selection lets you select all objects touching a selection crossing or just objects that are entirely within a selection window.
  • Improved Fillet (2D) Tool. Fillets can now be performed multiple times on the same line segments for easier revisions. It works with polyline with arc segments, too.
  • Improved Text. Now uses the Enter key to wrap text to the next line. Can also pick a position on screen to start a new line.
  • Improved Stretch Tool. Offers greater control with improved rubber banding of objects and improved visualization for more precise control of stretched objects.
  • Improved Trim Tool. Now works with multilines for enhanced productivity.
  • Improved Mirror Tool can mirror a block and retain text orientation.
  • Improved Measurement Tool. Now shows a measurement history (previous distance, area, etc.)

High Performance Tools

  • Updated LightWorks Engine provides progressive, ray-traced rendering, improving workflow by generating fast estimates of images for early preview of light settings. Anti-aliasing for geometry and materials is also improved.
  • Multi-Select Drawings Command lets you open multiple drawings in one step.
  • Database Options. Extract attributes from Blocks and Xrefs.

  • Enhanced AutoCAD® 2010/2011 .DWG/.DXF compatibility.
  • Improved .SKP support. Now reads/writes up to Google™ SketchUp™ v8
  • Network License Support. TurboCAD’s Network License Management System allows for license compliance checking on network installations.

Availability and Pricing

TurboCAD Deluxe 18 is now available for $129.99.

For a quick YouTube overview of some of the new features in TurboCAD Deluxe v18, please visit

For more information or to upgrade online, please visit or call IMSI/Design at 1.800.833.8082 (+1.415.483.8000).

About TurboCAD

TurboCAD is an industry leader in 2D/3D CAD. The TurboCAD family of products include solutions at every price point, from the powerful TurboCAD Pro ($1,295 USD) and Pro Platinum ($1,495), to the #1 AutoCAD LT-workalike TurboCAD LTE ($149), to the best-selling CAD in retail, the versatile TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D ($129), to the entry-level TurboCAD Designer 2D ($39). TurboCAD solutions all boast innovative features, superior AutoCAD/.DWG compatibility, and free technical support.

About IMSI/Design

IMSI/Design is the global leader in retail CAD (Computer Aided Design). With over 15 million products sold since 1988, IMSI/Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, DoubleCAD™, DesignCAD™, TurboFLOORPLAN™, and Renditioner families of precision design applications. Please visit for more information.

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