January 15, 2008 - Press Release

IMSI/Design Brings AutoCAD Viewing to Macintosh

A/CAD Viewer Available as Free Public Beta

NOVATO, Calif., Jan. 15, 2008 -- IMSI/Design, the global leader in retail CAD, announced that it is releasing a public beta of its new A/CAD Viewer for both the Apple® Mac OS® (Nasdaq:AAPL) and Microsoft® Windows® (Nasdaq:MSFT) operating systems.

A/CAD Viewer lets Mac® and PC users view .DWG files like those created by Autodesk® AutoCAD®, AutoCAD LT (Nasdaq:ADSK) and other standard CAD applications. Users have full control over the visibility of layers, line styles, and line weights. Both 2D and 3D navigation is easy with familiar zoom, pan, and walkthrough controls.

"Macintosh is exploding in popularity, yet there are virtually no AutoCAD-oriented tools for the platform," stated Bob Mayer, Chief Operating Officer for IMSI/Design. "We think A/CAD Viewer will quickly become a must-have utility for Mac CAD users. It's easy-to-use and very powerful."

3D display is enhanced with support for multiple rendering styles, including wireframe, hidden line, conceptual, and low resolution realistic. Models can be viewed in parallel projection or perspective. A large set of standard isometric and diametric views quickly orient the drawing to necessary points of view.

In addition, users can perform elementary data take-off with A/CAD Viewer's robust set of measuring tools, including length, consecutive length, area, radius, and diameter. A comprehensive set of familiar snap tools make measurement precise and effortless. A properties palette allows the capture of information about any selected object. And details such as line style, or line weight, hatch pattern, or color can be extracted with ease.

The A/CAD Viewer supports OS X 10.4 and 10.5 for the Macintosh® and Microsoft Windows XP and Vista for the PC.

For more information, please visit or visit our booth No. 2611 at MacWorld for a demonstration.

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